Zumtobel teams up with pureLiFi to push wireless enterprise network

February 21, 2019 //By Julien Happich
Zumtobel teams up with pureLiFi to push wireless enterprise network
Professional lighting solutions provider Zumtobel has conducted a trial in partnership with pureLiFi, using LED lights to send large amounts of data while appearing as normal LED light to the human eye.

The LiFi trial reflects a series of moves by Zumtobel to evolve lighting beyond its core function of pure illumination and solve challenges for high-speed secure wireless connectivity. As part of the trial, Zumtobel has installed pureLiFi’s system, alongside its LED lights. The system enables a data transmission via an LED luminaire at high-speeds through small adjustments in the LED’s brightness. The result is a high-speed Internet connection that is more secure, reliable, and able to deliver bandwidth far beyond the capabilities of conventional wireless communications like Wi-Fi.

LiFi is seen as more secure and virtually interference free compared to other wireless solutions. Zumtobel aims to leverage LiFi to create value for lead adopters from industries such as medical, defence, industrial and manufacturing. pureLiFi will be exhibiting Zumtobel LED technology alongside its next generation LiFi solutions at Mobile World Congress. 

Zumtobel Group – www.zumtobelgroup.com

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