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October 03, 2019 //By Julien Happich
With a new report titled “MicroLED Displays”, market research company Yole Développement offers a comprehensive overview of the dynamic MicroLED industry.

For microLED companies, the first few prototypes provide strong return on experience but maturing toward consumer-grade displays could require thousands more. Startups are entering the valley of death: many might fail to raise enough money to successfully go through this more capital and resource intensive phase. Support and partnership with large display makers or OEM, either as strategic investors or development partners is critical.

2019 tentative microLED industry roadmap for the next 48 months.
(source : MicroLED Displays 2019 report, Yole Développement)

“With unit sales stagnating, TV panel makers are entering what is likely to be a period of prolonged excess capacity. This translates into commoditization and shrinking profitability in an industry that is very capex-intensive”, observes Virey, which makes him think that the TV panel industry desperately needs a game-changer, and microLEDs could eventually come to the rescue, as a novelty factor.
What technologies and manufacturing strategies are deployed by individual panel makers? How can Korean and Japanese manufacturers defend against China’s ascendance? And what are the capacity constraints and the overspending risks? These are some of the questions to which Yole’s experts are answering in their report.

Yole Développement - www.yole.fr

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