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March 06, 2019 //By Julien Happich
UV LED product database available for download
Kopp Glass, a Pittsburgh-based technical glass manufacturer has released a UV LED product database that enables users to easily evaluate and select the optimal UV LED for specific applications.

According to Dr. Justine Galbraith, Glass Engineer at Kopp Glass, “Every application comes with its own unique set of requirements and performance goals. When you are selecting an LED for a new product you need to take into account parameters such as peak wavelength, viewing angle and optical power. As you move forward and incorporate optical elements, all of this information is needed to create an optimized optical design that will achieve the performance goals for your application.”

Kopp’s UV LED Product Database alleviates the need to spend valuable time scouring dozens of websites to find the LED best suited for an application and performance goals. Refer to the database for vital details needed to make pragmatic decisions when choosing an optimal LED. The database is available for public download here:  https://go.koppglass.com/uv-led-product-database  

Kopp Glass - www.koppglass.com

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