Touch-based control tunes luminaires' white-light

September 13, 2018 //By Julien Happich
Touch-based control tunes luminaires' white-light
The NX SimpleTouch launched by Hubbell Control Solutions, the lighting controls subsidiary of Hubbell Lighting, is a full colour, touch screen wall station.

The attractive and easy-to-use NX SimpleTouch is designed for customers using NX Distributed Intelligence devices for code-compliant lighting control, which can be scaled up from one light, one room or an entire building or campus of buildings with thousands of lights. NX can be installed as a wired, wireless or hybrid system and has options to control and dim many different fixture types using a variety of technologies. In addition, the NX SimpleTouch natively controls SpectraSync enabled luminaires for white-light tuning.

The NX SimpleTouch features a 3.5 inch TFT LCD touchscreen with 320×480 screen resolution, making it easy to view from any angle. It is a low-voltage device that can be powered directly by any available SmartPORT in the NX system, such as the NX Room Controller or fixture controller, through the use of a standard Ethernet cable.

Using the NX system, up to 16 presets can be customized and stored, making the NX SimpleTouch suitable for conference rooms, classrooms, hotel lobbies and ballrooms, retail stores, restaurants, and houses of worship where multiple scenes are needed. The text on the graphic buttons for each preset alleviates user confusion. Multiple pages of presets or groups can be added, including pages to adjust the brightness and colour temperature of SpectraSync enabled luminaires. The screensaver can show a custom graphic logo, and the backlight can be adjusted as needed, based on user preferences. An optional security screen hides capabilities and features when and where necessary.

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