Soraa pushes for white-light disinfection

May 07, 2018 //By Julien Happich
Soraa pushes for white-light disinfection
Violet-LED based full spectrum lighting solutions provider Soraa announced an expanded collaboration program for its patented white light disinfection technology, whereby the company’s GaN-onGaN violet LEDs are leveraged to provide a disinfecting action as well as delivering natural white light.

In announcing the collaboration program, Jeff Parker, Chief Executive Officer of Soraa, referenced Soraa’s extensive portfolio of patents in the field of bactericidal LEDs used for white light generation and disinfection, a portfolio that includes patents dating back to at least 2009. This program is further buttressed by Soraa’s recent acquisition of certain foundational GE patents on GaN LEDs, dating back to 2001.

“We are extremely proud of our early inventions in this space, and are actively engaged in collaborations with key players in the field that will leverage our expertise with violet LEDs”, says Parker. “These unique lighting solutions give us the ability to help usher in a new era of ‘white light’ disinfection in an effort to create healthier environments.”

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