Signify pushes for VR to experiment with different lightings

January 17, 2019 //By Julien Happich
Signify pushes for VR to experiment with different lightings
How do you visualize the right light for your store or city before you buy? Signify is leveraging the immersive effect provided by virtual reality goggles to pace its customers through different forms of lighting, in effect creating virtual representations of future lighting projects (be it in retail, architecture, or at home) to let customers sample different lighting designs.

The company even has developed a Fashion Lighting VR app that lets customers change lighting effects to make clothing look even more appealing, showcasing different lighting possibilities using VR.

Professional fashion retail customers simply download the new Philips Fashion Lighting VR iOS or Android app to their phone and place their device in a VR headset. Accurate 3D renderings enable them to then immerse themselves in a virtual fashion store and see first-hand how lighting can make shop windows more dynamic to attract a shopper's attention and draw footfall into the store. The app lets them visualize the power of lighting to make whites brighter, blacks crispier and colours more vibrant. And it illustrates the importance of lighting in virtual fitting rooms to positively influence the buying decision.

 "The reaction from retail customers is very positive," says Ronald Gelten, Retail Fashion Lighting Manager at Signify. "They tell me wow this is fantastic, it's amazing to see the store change when I alter the lighting - you really feel like you're there. It makes my job that bit easier as virtual reality is a hugely powerful addition to our sales toolkit."

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