Rethinking linear LED lighting

May 07, 2019 //By Julien Happich
Rethinking linear LED lighting
LED lighting luminaires manufacturer Chalmit has launched the Protecta X LED, aimed specifically at the electrical and electronics industries. Claimed to be up to 50% brighter than any traditional linear light on the market, the Protecta X has a user-definable light distribution, a maintenance-free lifespan of over 120,000 hours at 25°C and is easier to maintain, says the manufacturer.

“Traditional linear luminaires have dominated the low-level lighting of areas for over 50 years.  But linear lights were originally designed to house fluorescent lamps, since then LEDs have come in, but the linear enclosure hasn’t really changed, leaving the performance of LEDs compromised. We felt it was time to change all this.  So, we gave the luminaires a complete re-think, putting customer needs, product lifespan and lumen output front and centre of our design process” explains Ken Eddleston, Chalmit’s Lighting Product Manager.

The Protecta X has specialised optics which deliver the output of a 4ft linear in a lightweight and slimline luminaire package. The optics control the light, generating a highly targeted, bright, white output over the desired area, and limiting the amount of wasted spill light. The optics are available in a variety of distinct distributions, designed for key site applications – such as mounted from handrails for walkway illumination and localised lighting in low/ medium bay applications. This higher, more focused output means fewer luminaires are required, reducing installation and inspection times and overall project costs within an electrical or electronics plant.

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