Photonic SoCs to shrink and democratize quantum communications: Page 2 of 2

November 22, 2018 // By Julien Happich
A joint effort from 17 European research partners, the UNIQORN project aims to leverage photonic integration to miniaturize today's quantum technologies, making them available to users as system-on-chip solutions.

By 2021, the researchers hope they will be able to provide cost-optimized building blocks for quantum devices to be used in home appliances and maybe even in smartphones. One of the key quantum applications envisaged for such photonic SoCs is highly secure encryption for secure and privacy-protecting database searches. Next, this could be used to secure internet communications with quantum-routers for on-demand entanglement distribution in optical-fibre networks.

Project partners include AIT (Austria), IMEC (Belgium), University of Vienna (Austria), University of Paderborn (Germany), University of Innsbruck (Austria), Technical University of Denmark (Denmark), Eindhoven University of Technology (The Netherlands), Micro-Photon Devices (Italy), Politecnico Milano (Italy), Smart Photonics (The Netherlands), ICCS/NTUA (Greece), VPI Photonics (Germany), Cordon Electronics (Italy), Mellanox (Israel) and Cosmote (Greece).


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