Perovskite-based LEDs boast near 100% internal quantum efficiencies: Page 2 of 2

November 16, 2018 // By Julien Happich
Designing a LED with emissive layers comprising quasi-two-dimensional and three-dimensional (2D/3D) perovskites and an insulating polymer, researchers from Cambridge University have set a new efficiency record for perovskite-based LEDs.

Compared to OLEDs, the perovskite-based LEDs can be made at much lower costs and can be tuned to emit light across the VIS and NIR spectra with high colour purity. However, while perovskite-based LEDs are comparable to OLEDs in terms of efficiency, their stability needs to be improved if they are to be applied in consumer electronics. When perovskite-based LEDs were first developed, they had a lifetime of just a few seconds. The LEDs developed in the current research have a half-life that is close to 50 hours — a huge improvement, but still inadequate for the lifetimes required for commercial applications.

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