Miniaturized fiber-coupled diode lasers for spectroscopy

December 19, 2018 //By Julien Happich
Miniaturized fiber-coupled diode lasers for spectroscopy
The Ferdinand-Braun-Institut Leibniz-Institut fuer Hoechstfrequenztechnik (FBH) has developed compact laser modules emitting watt-level power in the yellow spectral range, wavelengths from 532nm to 590nm.

Based on a single package measuring only 76x54x15mm, each solution is designed to ideally serve a specific application. They are available in both CW and pulsed operation for photo-coagulation treatments in ophthalmology or use in fluorescence spectroscopy and STED microscopy, respectively. The modules introduced here feature an all-semiconductor master-oscillator power-amplifier (MOPA) combined with frequency doubled (PPLN) crystals and provide polarization-maintaining fiber output options. Due to these new laser modules, the size of laser systems for medical applications will significantly shrink, from rack size to the dimensions of a shoe box.

Ferdinand-Braun-Institut Leibniz-Institut fuer Hoechstfrequenztechnik -

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