LED UV curing lamps at 365nm, 385nm and 405nm

June 11, 2019 //By Julien Happich
UV curing
Intertronics has extended its Dymax MX-Series of high intensity LED UV curing lamps with three different emitter patterns, as well as three different wavelengths, namely 365nm, 385nm and 405nm.

Designed to offer higher, more consistent curing intensity than traditional spot curing systems, an MX-Series LED UV curing system comprises a controller and an emitter. The product range began as the MX-150 5x5mm spot lamp and its controller, and expanded to include the MX-250 50x50mm flood pattern emitter.

The new products in the range include the MX-275, an emitter that produces a 5x50mm line shaped curing pattern. Also available is an optional multi-channel controller that can control up to four different emitters either simultaneously or individually, so that multiple emitters can be grouped together to create larger curing pattern matrices as needed, or alternatively, for four individual workstations to operate independently from the same controller.

The new design means that the LED flood curing system can be tailored to the user’s curing needs in terms of size, pattern, and wavelength of curing. The system can be set up as a bench top unit, be mounted to a robotic arm for an automated curing process, or further from the controller without fear of intensity variations.

Intertronics - www.intertronics.co.uk

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