LED light retrofit modules enhance motorbikers’ safety

March 11, 2019 //By Julien Happich
LED light retrofit modules enhance motorbikers’ safety
In cooperation with Osram, motorbike clothing manufacturer Held has developed a range of LED-retrofitted high-visibility clothing to enhance motorbikers’ safety on the road.

Held was able to retrofit several models in its current collection with LED light modules from Osram. Two motorbike jackets as well as a safety vest can be retrofitted simply by the motorcyclists themselves with actively illuminated light modules from Osram that can be switched on before heading out on the motorbike by simply connecting a rechargeable battery pack. The light modules are integrated into the clothing through a fabric tube, and the battery can be charged via a USB port.
With no need for other manual settings, the light strips offer up to seven hours of active lighting in continuous operation (with a 4,000 mAh battery) with the LED light modules emitting white light at the front and red light at the back. Next, Osram plans to combine light modules with sensor technology, allowing various applications to be controlled using an app. Solutions that allow an emergency call to be triggered automatically in the event of an accident are also conceivable.

Osram - www.osram-group.com  

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