LED drivers integrate wireless light management

July 01, 2019 //By Julien Happich
LED drivers
Tridonic and Casambi have teamed up to develop a novel wireless light management solution combining Tridonic’s basicDIM Wireless system and Casambi’s Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. This brings to market an interconnected and interoperable solution for the hassle-free wireless connectivity of luminaires.

Wireless light management opens a myriad of new possibilities. All the parties involved in installing a new lighting system – from the luminaire manufacturer and the installer to the building operator and the end user – will benefit from the flexibility and versatility that wireless technologies offer. Also, existing lighting infrastructures can be easily updated and fitted with additional features. The partnership culminates in Tridonic’s basicDIM Wireless range of interoperable devices consisting of LED drivers, communication modules, sensors, a user-interface as well as software in the form of the 4remote BT App.

Conveniently controlled via Bluetooth, on/off switching as well as dimming functions are just as simple as grouping luminaires and creating lighting settings. Ideally suitable for office buildings or classrooms, each room and zone benefits from the system’s easy-to-use and multi-functional intelligence.

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