LED bulb features patented bio-inspired optics to cut glare

June 28, 2018 // By Julien Happich
Signify's Philips MyCare LED bulb range has been designed with patented Interlaced Optics technology to enhance eye comfort.

Its design, inspired by the pattern of sunflower seeds, diffuses and reflects light, reducing glare – the excessive brightness caused by an intense light beaming from the centre of the bulb – by up to 35%. The result is a uniform light that is comfortable on the eye, says the company. The micro Interlaced Optics are imprinted onto lamps, cleverly increasing the light beam angle, so wider areas of the home can be lit more uniformly.

The new bulb creates a more uniformly lit environment that is conducive for tasks that require focus, such as studying, reading or writing.

The Philips MyCare LED bulb with Interlaced Optics will be launched in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Korea, and Singapore from June 2018 with their roll out planned globally from 2019. They will be available in an E27 fitting, at 3000K and 6500K color temperatures.

Signify introduced the “EyeComfort” Standard in its portfolio of consumer LED lamps and luminaires as there is currently no global standard that defines eye comfort. This is the first standard of its kind within the lighting industry.

Philips EyeComfort - www.philips.com/eyecomfort

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