IP66-rated lighting unit delivers 300 micromoles/s for greenhouses

February 05, 2019 //By Julien Happich
IP66-rated lighting unit delivers 300 micromoles/s for greenhouses
Plessey’s new Hyperion Inter Light was designed to supplement existing HPS/SON-T greenhouse top lighting. The Inter Light fixture has been specifically designed to provide intra canopy light from state-of-the-art LEDs for high wire cultivation of greenhouse vegetables and is installed within the crop to supplement existing top lighting.

The new luminaire is suitable for use in hybrid systems with HPS and LEDs, promoting plant growth and fruit ripening speed. With a choice of light outputs and efficacy to suit different growing environments, the Inter Light also provides wide beam angle for optimum light penetration. With up to 300 micromoles/s light output and 3.0 µmol/ joule efficiency, greenhouse growers can boost production by applying the right light at the right spot with the durable aluminium lightweight IP66 unit profile. Installation is simple and cost-effective with plug and play connections, daisy-chaining up to 20 fixtures together and simple mounting on wires that can be raised and lowered.
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