High-power LED delivers 161 lm/W at 5,000K

July 24, 2019 //By Julien Happich
The Osconiq P 3030 high-power LED is designed for high reliability flashlights and work lamps, with a lifetime in excess of 70,000h.

The new LED chip benefits from a specially developed SMD package with silicone lens for outstanding brightness and efficiency values, and a better lumens-per-dollar ratio than ceramic packages used in similar applications. Customers can choose between two CRI versions (CRI 70 and CRI 80) from the complete CCT range for different applications such as professional indoor or outdoor lighting solutions. While the CRI 70 version is available in color temperatures from 2,700 K to 6,500 K, the CRI 80 version covers the range from 2,200 – 5,000 K. The CRI 80 version is available in two different configurations.

Both products measure 3.0x3.0x1.63mm. The 1mm2 chip in the CRI 70 version reaches 160 lm at 5,000K, exhibiting an efficiency of 161 lm/W. The CRI 80 version delivers an impressive 135 lm at 3,000 K and an efficiency value of 136 lm/W. Both components can be operated with high currents up to 1.3 A and simplify system design with a low thermal resistance. The two white LEDs will be joined later this year by color versions in deep blue (450 nm), blue (470 nm), true green (528 nm), red (623 nm), hyper red (660 nm) and far red (730 nm) for professional horticulture and outdoor lighting.

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