High-output green laser enables smartphone projectors

January 31, 2019 //By Julien Happich
High-output green laser enables smartphone projectors
Up to now, RGB laser projections for smartphones, based on a red, green and blue laser, often had brightness problems. The reason was the often insufficient brightness of the green laser.

Green light has a special importance in RGB applications because the human eye is most sensitive in the green spectral range. The brighter the green laser shines on a surface, the brighter and stronger the projected image appears to the viewer. Osram’s PLT3 520D green single-mode laser offers 140mW at 300mA in pulsed mode (50% duty cycle), whereas the limit so far for these components was 80mW. A further advantage of the diode is its compact and space-saving TO38 metal housing with a diameter of only 3.8 mm. The laser diode at 520nm has been specially developed for laser projection applications that use a MEMS scanner as the image encoder. Thanks to these improvements, it is now possible to turn a smartphone into a small cinema projector, expanding the small display several times over.

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