High brightness SMD purple LED offers more flexibility

July 10, 2018 // By Julien Happich
OMC has launched a new high brightness purple surface-mount LED lamp featuring the company’s proprietary Active Diffuser Technology, which produces a far richer and more efficient output than traditional single-wavelength devices.

The vibrant output and ease of driving of the new purple LED SMD lamp makes it suitable for applications such as backlighting, mood-lighting, displays and status indication on items such as front panels and keypads, as well as signalling and industrial electronics. Designated LPRM3268X3, this new SMD lamp requires very low current, has a compact footprint of only 3.2x2.8mm, and a depth of 1.9mm, with the industry-standard PLCC package.

OMC’s Active Diffuser Technology combines a blue LED chip with coloured phosphor-based diffuser media in order to manipulate the light wavelength and give the desired output spectrum.  The device efficiency is comparable to blue gallium nitride-based LEDs, which allows other colours to be produced at higher efficiencies than typically achieved when using different chip technologies. As the output consists of a wide spread of light wavelengths rather than a narrow peak, the result is a more intense, richer colour than traditional LEDs.  Another benefit of active diffuser technology is that it delivers a more homogenous output, eliminating the wire-bond and lead-frame shadows commonly seen in the beam pattern of standard LEDs

OMC – www.omc-uk.com

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