Grow light system rig moves over sports fields

June 22, 2018 // By Julien Happich
The Rhenac GreenTec AG in cooperation with the Technical University of Munich have developed a lawn grow lighting system designed for large sports fields.

The system was constructed with the help from Osram Opto Semiconductor, providing its Oslon LEDs mostly in blue and red to promote photosynthesis and complement the light spectrum during the winter months. The field is now using the light at night and during the dark winter months to maximize the lawn growth year-round on heavily used areas and to fill in gaps.

For professional sports fields, lawn care is not just about aesthetics. The football fields of professional clubs are used daily and accordingly can show wear and reduced growth in specific areas quickly. However, optimal training conditions require the lawns be in top condition at all times, for precise passes, and more importantly reducing the risk of injury.

The partners claim that by maximizing light intensity, output of the grow lighting solution can be increased up to six times while significantly reducing overall energy consumption compared to other grow light technology. This innovative function is particularly practical for heavily used portions of the field such as the goal areas.

Currently, the movable lighting system supports the growth of the lawn of 1. FC Köln with the necessary light both in the Franz-Kremer-Stadion and on the training grounds in the RheinEnergieSportpark. Also, this year FC Schalke 04 will be equipped with a first fully automatic solution.

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