Get more out of your LED luminaires, says GE Lighting

June 27, 2019 //By Julien Happich
LED luminaires
What if your light did more than illuminate? Ponders GE Lighting, offering consumers to benefit from a high-quality, long-lasting LED light plus one additional stand-out feature, from a speaker to a motion sensor to battery back-up when the power goes out.

All five features of its LED+ portfolio are built right into the lights, so consumers won’t need an app or any additional hardware to unlock them, all concealed within LED luminaires, ready to be used.

“The average home has 45 light sockets, which is really powerful real estate to leverage for benefit past light alone,” explains Paul Williams, General Manager for Product Management and Growth at GE Lighting. The LED+ products are offered in 60-65-watt equivalencies. The battery backup option enables the light to remain “On” even in the case of a power outage. With that option, lights stay on for up to five hours, with a battery that is triggered when the power goes out. For extra convenience, simply unscrew the bulb to carry it around the house like a flashlight for illumination wherever it’s needed.

The speaker feature comes in two different LED+ speaker bulbs, a traditional A-line bulb and a BR for recessed can applications, that pull through music, podcasts and other audio streaming from a smart phone or Bluetooth device. The embedded speaker offers premium sound quality and hides discreetly within the ceiling or the light fixture, eliminating the need for bulky speakers on the counter.

The Dusk to Dawn feature available in traditional A-line bulb shapes ensure outdoor lights are always on when the sun goes down. A built-in ambient light sensor automatically triggers light to come on at dusk and turn off at dawn.

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