Everlight claims victory over Nichia’ s YAG invalidated patents

August 07, 2019 //By Julien Happich
Everlight has filed invalidation trial procedures against Nichia ‘s YAG patents in United States, Australia, China and Taiwan.

The LED manufacturer was later notified that the Supreme Court of the United States juged the asserted claims of Nichia’s US YAG patents US5,998,925 and US7,531,960 invalid. The Federal Court of Australia has decided that the asserted claims of Nichia’s Australia YAG patent 720234 are invalid. On May 9, 2019, Beijing Intellectual Property Court also decided that Nichia’s China YAG patent CN200610095837.4 was invalid.

Then on April 25, 2019, the Taiwan Supreme Administrative Court juged that Nichia’s Taiwan YAG patent TW383508 was invalid, and Everlight has won its ultimate victory.

Yet, in response to Nichia’s press release on July 30, referring to a patent invalidation request won against Everlight Electronics about LED flip-chip technology, Everlight decided to withdraw the statements of its lawsuit without prejudice, adjusting its litigation strategy.

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