Evaluation kit eases automotive LED light design

March 05, 2018 //By Julien Happich
Evaluation kit eases automotive LED light design
The ISELED Alliance has launched an evaluation kit for the ISELED digital smart RGB LED solution aimed at automotive ambient lighting.

The evaluation kit allows developers to quickly build and prototype ISELED solutions, significantly reducing development time. Custom lighting effects can be easily programmed using the supplied software suite from Lucie Labs and tested on the kit’s 16 RGB LEDs. Optical measurements can be carried out to evaluate various lighting solutions.

The evaluation kit is based on NXP’s S32K144EVB-Q100 controller board featuring the automotive qualified S32K1xx Arm Cortex based MCU with a USB cable for connection to a PC host. An adapter board including a power supply, is plugged into a bar of 16 RGB LEDs from Dominant Opto. Each LED includes an INLC100 controller die from Inova Semiconductors housed in a single three-LED package (red, green and blue). The ISELED software driver from NXP and the LED lighting effects studio tool from Lucie Labs are pre-programmed in the S32K MCU and available free of charge under a 3-month evaluation license. 

ISELED Alliance -  www.iseled.com

Inova Semiconductors – www.inova-semiconductors.de

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