Dramatic cost reductions to propel MicroLED displays into mainstream

June 20, 2019 //By Julien Happich
Market research firm IHS Markit expects MicroLED display shipments to rise to 15.5 million by 2026, as manufacturing expenses drop. A sharp contrast to 2019 and 2020 when less than 1,000 units may ship, according to the same source.

“Despite their extremely high price tag compared to conventional LCD and OLED panels, microLED displays offer advantages in brightness and energy efficiency that make them an attractive alternative for ultra-small and ultra-large applications,” said Jerry Kang, associate director at IHS Markit. “The manufacturing process for microLED will allow suppliers to reduce their production costs over time. Once the process matures, microLED sales will begin to rise.”


Cost collapse

Illustrating this trend, the manufacturing cost of a 1.5-inch microLED display for use in smart watches is expected to fall to one tenth of the current cost by 2026. Meanwhile, the manufacturing cost of a 75-inch display for televisions will drop to one-fifth of its current expense over the same time period. IHS Markit anticipates that manufacturing will reach the maturity threshold in 2024.

“Despite the growth in acceptance, microLED shipments in 2026 will still amount to just 0.4 percent of the global flat-panel display market,” Kang explains. “However, with shipments of nearly 16 million units that year, microLED will have entered mass-market territory, setting the stage for much wider acceptance during the following years.”

IHS Markit – www.ihsmarkit.com

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