Display glass report tracks substrates for flat-panels

May 02, 2019 //By Julien Happich
Display glass report tracks substrates for flat-panels
Market research firm Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC) has released a new report covering the market for display glass substrates, tracking glass capacity and shipments for all major glass makers across all LCD and OLED display fabs.

The report combines DSCC’s comprehensive insight into industry capacity and utilization with in-depth understanding of display glass and the supply chain.
Glass substrates form the starting point for production of all flat-panel displays, and glass supply is critical to the display industry.  Even for flexible and foldable OLED displays, glass substrates are used as carriers for a polyimide layer for the display, because of the superior thermal stability characteristics of this versatile material.

“Glass is the keystone material in the display industry, and the glass segment has been perhaps the most profitable business in the industry in this century,” said DSCC’s Co-Founder and President Bob O’Brien.  “By combining DSCC’s deep knowledge of the LCD and OLED supply chain with our expertise in display and glass technology, we’ve developed a report that can inform and educate analysts and executives who need a deeper perspective on this critical material”.

According to the new report, industry capacity for display glass will increase from 152 million square meters in Q4 2018 to 159 million square meters in Q4 2019, with most of the increase occurring in China. Glass makers shipped 529 million square meters of display glass in 2018; DSCC forecasts that glass demand will increase to 564 million square meters in 2019, a 6.6% increase Y/Y. Out of these shipments, Gen 8.5 represents the largest volume of shipments, more than 50% of shipments in 2018 were this size, but Gen 8.6 and Gen 10.5 are growing more rapidly.

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