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July 01, 2019 //By Julien Happich
circular displays
In this bullet-point article, Anders’ display and input technology manager and specialist Mike Logan reviews basic facts about circular displays and how those have come to seduce an increasing number of designers.

The smart home, the Internet of Things (IoT) and connected devices are a major driving force and have led to an explosion of customers coming to Anders as the display and embedded technology expert to learn how they can transition their product design from mechanical panels to displays.  Some white goods manufacturers favour circular controls, and naturally the OEM doesn’t necessarily want to deviate away from their original product design too much, but they want to move with the trend towards the simplicity benefits that touchscreen technology and displays offer.  Within the white good and general household appliance market, we are seeing a natural product evolution to circular displays.
Smart meters and heating controls follow the same pattern.  Like white goods, there is now a need for these functional products to not only be fit for function, but to look good in your home environment.    The smart OEM is the one who listens to their target market and designs their product to be aesthetically pleasing and aspirational.
And on the subject of aspirational, that’s where a product like Amazon Echo comes in.  They have differentiated themselves in the market by implementing a circular display.  They have perfectly positioned themselves as a must-have, ‘keeping up with the Jones’s’ type of product through very clever, very stylish product design, but at the heartbeat of that, is the circular display.

The most common reasons for which OEMs consult about circular displays is when they want to differentiate their brand via design, position their brand as a premium brand, to ensure it becomes a lifestyle choice, and maintain the brands identity, equity and integrity. If a circular display has always been part of their product design, to future proof consumer engagement they are switching out their mechanical gauges and replacing these with a circular display.

Don’t be square, when you can have a circle display.

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Mike Logan is Displays and Input Technologies Manager at Anders Electronics - ww.andersdx.com

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