Digital microscope lighting accessories for best imaging

April 30, 2019 //By Julien Happich
Digital microscope lighting accessories for best imaging
Inspectis AB has released new lighting accessories for Inspectis 4K Digital Microscopes that maximize the benefits of using these systems.

The HD-125 and HD-126 are respectively single and double LED matrix head lighting units for use with all Inspectis digital microscope systems. They are powered directly from the Inspectis camera’s auxiliary power sockets to minimize cable tangles and can be clamped to the boom elements of the extensive range of stands that Inspectis has available. The flexible arms allow the light sources to be positioned for maximum effect and individual dimmer controllers are provided on each lighting head. Each head is made up of a matrix of 18 bright white LEDS. These provide a good balance between a totally diffuse light and a more directional single source and are especially effective for studying components on complex circuit boards.

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