Bluetooth transmitter and receiver modules simplify lighting controls

August 13, 2019 //By Julien Happich
lighting controls
I-Star Lighting’s Bluetooth Control System enables lighting system designers to simplify the installation of a wireless mesh network to control multiple fixtures using standard dimming controls.

The system includes Bluetooth transmitter and receiver modules, paired with an I-Star Tunable White LED driver, which can be used to develop a comprehensive control system for any LED light fixture using only standard 0 – 10V dimmers. The I-Star Bluetooth Control System consists of Bluetooth transmitter and receiver modules featuring universal input voltage (120 – 277Vac) and a 150W power rating. The system is designed for simple installation and commissioning. The I-Star Bluetooth transmitter module is hard-wired to any standard 0 – 10V dimmer at the point of control (typically a wall switch) while the I-Star Bluetooth receiver module is hard-wired to a LED driver that controls one or multiple standard LED light fixtures in the overall installation, enabling color temperature as well as dimming control. Providing central control and user programmability is the I-Star Gateway programmable interface controller, which enables the user to program the overall lighting system to adjust color temperature and light intensity for specific times over the course of the day. The system can also be programmed to respond to the inputs from light sensors in the room. Using the I-Star Bluetooth Mobile App (iLighting-L), the Gateway interface controller can be programmed, and the transmitter and receiver modules can be paired for secure communications. Once programmed, the user can now control both the color temperature and light dimming for all connected light fixtures simply by using the standard wall dimmer controls.

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