Blue-enriched white light could boost morning alertness: Page 2 of 2

March 06, 2019 //By Julien Happich
Blue-enriched white light could boost morning alertness
Researchers a KAIST have investigated the effects of blue-enriched LED light on people and how it could help humans overcome morning drowsiness. Considerable research has already been devoted to unmasking circadian rhythms.

The team conducted an experiment with 15 university students. They investigated whether an hour of morning light exposure with different chromaticity would affect their physiological and subjective responses differently. The decline of melatonin levels was significantly greater after the exposure to blue-enriched white light in comparison with warm white light. 

Professor Suk said, “Light takes a huge part of our lives since we spend most of our time indoors. Light is one of the most powerful tools to affect changes in how we perceive and experience the environment around us.”

Professor Choi added, “When we investigate all of the psychological and physiological effects of light, we see there is much more to light than just efficient quantities. I believe that human-centric lighting strategies could be applied to a variety of environments, including residential areas, learning environments, and working spaces to improve our everyday lives.”


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