Anglia adds LG's OLED light to its portfolio

October 01, 2018 // By Julien Happich
Anglia is investing in the future of light with the addition of LG OLED to its fast growing portfolio of OLED lighting solutions. OLEDs provide a natural and pleasant light with low glare, no UV, low blue content and very little heat emission.

Commenting, Grzegorz Krol, Manager of OLED Light Sales for LG OLED Light said, “Anglia understands lighting. They have a track record of partnering with top customers on demanding lighting projects and succeeding with them. We believe that they are exactly the right partner to take our exceptionally innovative lighting technologies to the UK market, and to help designers and installers create installations that look impressive and are tuned to the health and comfort of users.”

Luflex LG OLED light panels are a thin, lightweight, and sometimes flexible surface light source that provides a uniform surface light reducing the hard edged shadows which can be a source of eye fatigue. Luflex panels emit just 10% of the amount of blue light emitted by LED light with the same colour temperature and luminance. The panels are ultra-thin (0.51mm for flexible, 0.91mm for rigid) and light-weight (20g for a 100x100mm rigid panel). 

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