About custom display design

October 30, 2018 //By Julien Happich
About custom display design
Leading UK based display specialist Anders, design, develop, and deliver LCD touchscreen and embedded display technology. The company has transformed, its continued investment in engineering, supports the growing industrial need for customisation as a means for competitive advantage, both for Anders, and for the markets that they serve.

Anders’ business model is continuing to evolve to service the demands of the marketplace. The company, who have become well known for distributing displays and supporting display applications, now place more of an emphasis on helping customers specify their own customised LCD, TFT or Embedded displays. Foreseeing a greater demand for customised displays in the industry, Anders has optimised the company to be able to provide a greater level of support to customers who wish to develop a customised display, including managing the complete manufacturing process, from concept to finished product, with the company’s Asian manufacturing partners.
The transformation may appear sudden, but it is something the company has been working towards over a number of years, gradually adapting its value proposition to stay ahead of the industry curve.  As off-the-shelf displays have become commoditised, there is a growing gap in the market to provide comprehensive technical and engineering support for more sophisticated display and embedded display applications through customised hardware and software solutions.
This evolution of business priorities has allowed Anders’ to grow and optimise its in-house engineering expertise and use the experience that the company has gained over decades to replace the non-technical middlemen found in the industry, and provide a direct conduit between customers and their Asian manufactures. Anders can assume full control over the design, development and manufacturing process to make customer access to customised displays as pain free as possible. 

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