7-Eleven Japanese customers to benefit from Philips’ horticultural lighting

March 25, 2019 //By Julien Happich
7-Eleven Japanese customers to benefit from Philips’ horticultural lighting
Providing its Philips GreenPower LED production module range to Japanese food supplier Prime Delica, Signify helps the company grow high-quality lettuce varieties, spinach and coriander all year round and offer customers of 7-Eleven crops with higher vitamin levels and nutritional value.

Prime Delica has been a longtime premium delicatessen supplier to 7-Eleven. To meet increasing demand for fresh, healthy and pesticide-free food, Prime Delica has built a new large-scale vertical farm in the city of Sagamihara in the Kanagawa prefecture, Japan.

"It's difficult to get a good quality and stable food supply from the open field due to the effect of climate change on crop growth," said Mr. Kazuki Furuya, President of 7-Eleven. "We believe the Sagamihara vertical farm is a great step to guarantee safe and healthy food for our customers."

Prime Delica uses different light recipes at different growth stages for each of the crops, with a pre-harvest treatment to increase the vitamin C level to meet functional food requirements. Apart from the premium quality, crops coming from their vertical farm also have a much lower bacterial count and are grown using no pesticides, a big advantage for 7-Eleven.

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