280nm UV-C LEDs boast a 10,000-hour lifetime

September 10, 2018 //By Julien Happich
280nm UV-C LEDs boast a 10,000-hour lifetime
RayVio is now volume shipping its 280nm XD mid-power and XR high-power UV-C LEDs, both proven with a 10,000 hour benchmark for lifetime reliability in medical-grade solutions.

The XD and XR Series are available as standard 3535 emitters or mounted on star boards for easy test development and product integration, now in-stock at Digi-Key. Both have a nominal drive current of 100mA and can be over or under driven to optimize for power or lifetime. The XD Series has a typical output of 3-5mW while the XR Series has a typical output 6-18+mW. RayVio's UV-C LEDs have demonstrated sterility assurance levels of 10 -6 or 99.9999% and can be applied to applications from surface and water disinfection to medical-grade sterilization.
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