100 soccer pitches worth of tomato production under Signify LEDs

June 04, 2018 //By Julien Happich
100 soccer pitches worth of tomato production under Signify LEDs
One of Russia's most modern and rapidly growing companies cultivating fresh vegetables, Agro-Inwest just signed a deal with Signify to expand its use of Philips LED lighting for growing tomatoes from its current 25 hectares to 68.5 hectares - an area of greenhouses equivalent to 100 soccer pitches.

In 2017, Signify and Agro-Inwest introduced the largest LED horticulture lighting project in the world. The quick payoff and the clearly visible improvements in the crop yield, has led to the company expanding its investment in Philips GreenPower LED toplighting and Philips GreenPower LED interlighting system for its tomato production.

"Demand in Russia for locally grown vegetables and fruits is increasing and Agro-Inwest has responded by scaling production using LED lighting," said Udo van Slooten, Business Leader Horticulture at Signify. "Our partnership with them has been a big success and we are pleased to continue to help the company to expand its ability to improve crop quality and predictability, while reducing its costs."  

"The Philips LED lighting has reduced energy usage by almost 50% and improved growth predictability, crop appearance and yield," said Irina Meshkova, Deputy CEO and General Director, Agro-Inwest. "We are on track to recoup our costs on that project in two to four years, a very attractive return on investment. In addition, Signify has been very accurate in projecting our yields which gives us great confidence in future results. We know LED is the future and Signify has proved a reliable and knowledgeable partner."

Signify N.V. became the new company name of Philips Lighting N.V., the ultimate parent company of the worldwide group of Philips Lighting companies.

Signify -  www.signify.com

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