0.13um 18V OLED driver IC

February 19, 2019 //By Julien Happich
0.13um 18V OLED driver IC
MagnaChip Semiconductor now offers foundry customers its second generation 0.13 micron 18V high voltage process technology. The technology dedicated for designing source drivers for LCD and OLED televisions, offers fewer steps, allows suitable high voltage device design rules to shrink chip size and adds a new device for DAC block design compared to the first generation process.

The source driver IC is the main driver IC in a television that controls signals and converts data from the timing controller into proper analog signals, and then transfers them to LCD or OLED panels. To support high definition for LCD and OLED panels, low power consumption and super slim designs for those panels, source driver ICs increasingly requires additional channels and rapid transmission speeds. To address these new market demands, MagnaChip’s Foundry Services Group has developed its second generation 18V high voltage process technology to improve and enhance source driver ICs in speed and integration.

This second generation process supports LHL (Logic High-Voltage Logic), Vgs=18V, Vds=1.8V suitable for DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) block designs. MagnaChip has also advanced high voltage device design rules to achieve approximately a seven-percent reduction in chip size. MagnaChip also offers diverse high voltage from 9V to 45V processes required to produce LDDIs (Large Display Driver ICs) and MDDIs (Mobile Display Driver ICs).

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