Forum Groningen building opens with over 1000 tunable white luminaires

white luminaires

Using eldoLED drivers supporting the new DALI Device Type (DT) 8 standard and with integrated LightShape technology, precise control of the color and light intensity were set using just a single DALI directive. eldoLED’s DUALdrive digital LED drivers ensure that flicker-free, smooth and consistent dimming to 0.1% is achieved by each luminaire.

Telensa and LIGMAN strategic partners on smart street lighting for Asia

street lighting

Including wireless controls maximises the benefits of LEDs, generating further energy and maintenance cost-savings, and futureproofing further smart city sensing.

Lighting Research Center partners with Eaton on 3D-printed luminaires


Under funding from the United States Department of Energy, the project will address the main barriers to widespread adoption of additive manufacturing technology (also known as 3D printing) as applied to solid-state lighting.

Cruise ship needs no sky with 93m long custom curved LED display

curved LED display

The project’s crowning achievement is located at the ship’s indoor promenade, the central social hub of the ship, where a custom 93-meter Samsung curved LED IF040H-D display is installed on the ceiling. The display has been dynamically designed to create an awe-inspiring atmosphere at all times, and it showcases mesmerizing visual performances three times a day.

GaN on Silicon red LED is world’s first

GaN on Silicon

Whilst InGaN-based blue and green LEDs are commercially available, red LEDs are typically based on AlInGaP material or colour converted red. For AR, achieving high efficiency ultra-fine pitch Red pixels (< 5 µm) remains elusive due to severe edge effects from AlInGaP material and cavity losses from colour conversion processes.

Human centric lighting put to the test

Human centric lighting

Last year, the International Commission on Illumination issued a new standard CIE SO26:2018, which defines the ways of measuring lighting in terms of human centric lighting, i.e. the assessment of the impact of lighting on the human circadian cycle. The document describes an indicator called Melanopic Equivalent Daylight Illuminance (M-EDI). Based on this value, it is possible to determine to what extent a given spectral distribution of light can effectively inhibit melatonin secretion during the day and thus influence our rhythm of work and rest.

Acuity Brands acquires LocusLabs and its micro-location IP


Visitors employing LocusLabs’ software can easily search, explore and navigate large, complex indoor spaces.

Acuity Brands to license Circadian ZircLight’s IP


Over the past five years, Circadian ZircLight has created evidence-based specifications for workplace lighting and developed specialized Zirc LED chips, light engines, control systems and luminaires to address the need for circadian lighting. This partnership reinforces both companies’ commitment to innovation that advances the value proposition of lighting designed to enhance human productivity, alertness and health.

Fiber laser head is world’s smallest for laser marking

laser head

Thanks to its small format and tubular shape, easy mounting with a clamping bracket and an optional supply line up to ten meters long, the Titus marking head can be easily integrated into a wide range of production lines. The optional straight or 90º tilted exit angle of the laser beam and the ability to adjust the marking field size to the application requirements makes this laser head particularly versatile. Adjustment and focus determination as well as application setup are significantly accelerated by the integrated focus finder and pilot laser.

12.3 inch LCD display is transparent

LCD display

This makes the display almost invisible in its Off-state as it blends with its background, while information can be displayed to overlay the background, with actual items seen through the display. The prototype offers a pixel density of 125 ppi for a resolution of 1440(H)×540(V), it displays a maximum of 4,096 colors.

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