High quality LED packages at economic prices

August 12, 2016 //By Dr. Christopher Keusch
High quality LED packages at economic prices
With ever increasing energy-saving efforts all over the world and improvement of LED applications as this- and many next-generation light sources, more and more emphasis is put on the performance of the electronics components of LED lighting.

Aiming at providing its highest efficiency product ever, Everlight now breaks through technical barriers to provide the 5630 HE KK7D-ELB (0.2W) which achieves 210-220 lm/W (5000K) and excels with a tight 3SDCM ellipse binning for maximum color consistency.

This newest ultra-high efficiency version of its low/mid-power 5630 package series, available in mass production now, achieves 210-220 lm/W which makes it Everlight's highest efficiency product at present. Using thermal plastic materials with high reflection, high lifetime, and improved optical structures, the 5630 HE KK7D LED series is optimized to obtain this industry-high optical efficiency without modifying the circuit and PCB layout compared to previous versions. Thus the amount of necessary LEDs or power used can significantly be reduced to save energy for the whole application.

Excellent Overdrive Performance on 5630HE Series

Using PCT instead of PPA as housing material results in a higher level of reflectance especially at higher temperatures, allowing for an improved efficiency up to 220lm/W which equals the most efficient 5630 LEDs in the market. Inside, the 5630 HE KK7D-ELB LED features two chips connected in parallel, a reduced forward voltage at a consistent nominal current flow and two large solder pads, a very modern design. This ensures an easy 1:1 replacement of Everlight's previous version KK5D-ELB and KK6D-ELB as well as solder pad designs of comparable off-the-shelf 5630 LEDs.

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