Tri-stimulus colour sensor also measures accurately biologically influential blue light

December 04, 2017 // By Julien Happich
ams' AS7264N is a tri-stimulus sensor that not only provides measurements of colour that closely match the human eye’s response to the visible light spectrum, the sensor also accurately measures blue-light wavelengths which can have a direct impact on health. 

Offered in a 4.5x4.7x2.5mm land grid array (LGA) apertured package, the AS7264N is aimed at the emerging applications of human-centric lighting and smart building control.

The new sensor is based on ams' AS72xx product platform, using unique on-wafer silicon interference filters to create individual spectral channels matching the characteristics of the XYZ standard observer model as specified by the CIE 1931 standard. The AS7264N supplements that with two additional blue light filters, providing the capability to accurately measure the intensity of blue light at both the 440nm and 490nm wavelengths.

By incorporating an AS7264N into their product, lighting and building automation sensing solution manufacturers are able to deliver real-time smart colour monitoring to measure and respond to end-users’ exposure to blue light wavelengths. The device’s silicon interference filters, which feature minimal drift over time and temperature, enable lifetime end-device calibration. Programmable on-chip LED drivers enable direct control of synchronized electronic shutter functionality. The AS7264N is sampling now.

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