Multi-touch LED flooring tracks foot traffic

March 31, 2017 // By Julien Happich
In partnership with floor-sensor provider Scanalytics, interactive LED flooring provider BrightLogic announced the integration of its ActiveFloor System with Scanalytics' Powered By data analysis platform.

The integration of high-resolution, real-time sense data with analytics software enables those in the corporate event, trade-show and retail industries to measure customer traffic and product engagement in real-time.

These industries' are traditionally challenging with producing measurable results. Companies are left wondering "How many people entered our space?", "What interactions are happening within a designated area?" and many other data-rich marketing curiosities. The data from BrightLogic's massively multi-touch LED flooring systems can be leveraged to track foot traffic, but also to support interactive advertising/games/applications to draw attention to specific areas and provides direct user feedback about specific products on display within a space.

"When you track the movement of your customer's footsteps you'll receive a wealth of data-driven information. This sense data provides an integral understanding of your customer's overall engagement and insights into what you can do to generate more revenue", said Adrian Cake, Creative Director at BrightLogic, Inc.

"The addition of the Scanalytics deep learning platform brings the customer's interactive experience to a whole new level. We've only touched the surface on what's possible with the integration of the platforms and we're excited to see what fun and interesting ideas our customers come up with" Cake added.

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