Moldable silicones address LED secondary lenses

May 10, 2017 // By Julien Happich
Dow Corning has expanded its portfolio of LED solutions with the launch of three high-performance products under the Dow Corning label: MS-4002, MS-4022 and MS-4007 Moldable Optical Silicones.

Individually, each of the new Moldable Optical Silicone products offers a unique combination of viscosity, hardness, surface tack and optical performance to provide maximum design flexibility. As a group, they share cure speeds optimized for injection molding processes, and higher elongation to allow easy demolding of complicated parts, such as lens clusters with varying wall thicknesses or free form lenses with negative draft angles.

After full cure, the new products enable plastic-like, smooth optics with comparatively high hardness and low surface friction. Combining high transmittance with low dispersion, they also help to further enhance the lumen efficiency of LED lamps and luminaires with relatively long light paths. The silicones feature a high thermal stability and UV resistance for excellent clarity even upon exposure to high temperature and/or outdoor lighting conditions.
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