LED grow light to replace sodium lamps

February 01, 2017 // By Julien Happich
Plessey's Hyperion family of high-power horticultural LED grow lights have been designed specifically to provide supplementary lighting in greenhouses.

The Hyperion 1000 and Hyperion 1600 units deliver greater returns for commercial growers through increased productivity while achieving a 40% energy saving compared to equivalent 600W and 1000W sodium grow lights.
The two lamps deliver photon fluxes of 1000µmol/s and 1600µmol/s, respectively, making them suitable to growing vegetables, flowers, young plants and medical marijuana. They are directly equivalent to standard 600W and 1000W sodium grow lights and can be used to add to or replace existing installations. Plessey’s Hyperion grow lights provide a variety of spectrums to enhance yield, quality and consistency by controlling the speed of plant growth, flowering and fruiting – possibly extending crop production and product shelf life.

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