Interactive website helps you develop custom UV LED optics

October 09, 2017 // By Julien Happich
Kopp Glass' UV LED Optic Design Lab is an interactive website that allows users to develop their own UV LED products, customizing everything from power, to optics. The platform has been conceived as an interactive tool to accelerate new product development, also educating engineers about design moulded UV glass optics and their impact on the performance of their UV LED systems.

Optical design is critical to achieving maximum light output and efficiency, and in some cases, optics can be used to reduce the number of LEDs required in a lighting system, while increasing the performance output. 

Design Lab users are provided step-by-step guidance including valuable resources such as a comprehensive database of over 600 commercially available UV LEDs. This downloadable UV LED Product Guide is an essential starting point in the development of any new UV LED product.

“This tool gives engineers an advantage - in one website they can scan hundreds of LEDs, review LED manufacturer specifications, learn about array design and LED configuration, and finally determine how best to pair LEDs with a molded glass optic for maximum efficiency and performance”, comments Brian Jasenak, Senior Product Development Engineer at Kopp Glass.

Unlike quartz, Kopp’s UV glass has unique material properties that enable it to be moulded into complex and contoured shapes. Because of this flexibility, optical features can be moulded into both the incident and exiting surfaces of the optic. This increases the ability, and allows flexibility to integrate moulded UV glass optics into a design to control and improve light distribution.

As a result, when a moulded UV glass optic is paired with a UV LED array it can produce irradiance patterns that are narrow, wide, somewhere in between, or a unique shape. 

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