Interactive media foil integrates LEDs with haptics

May 25, 2018 // By Julien Happich
Started in January 2017 and set to run until the end of 2019 on a € 9,07M budget from European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program, the InSCOPE project (International Smart Collaborative Open-access hybrid Printed Electronics) provides an open-access pilot line service for printed electronics.

Leveraging so-called H-TOELA technology (Hybrid Thin Organic Electronic Large Area), InSCOPE aims to help its partners design conformable foils with integrated media surfaces for architectural and automotive displays.

The flexible transparent LED display,
shown at LOPEC 2018.

At LOPEC 2018, the InSCOPE consortium was demonstrating a first sample out of its roll-to-roll manufacturing line, a 200x2400mm LED-based flexible and transparent display engine with individual controllable RGB LEDs capable of displaying video content and producing dynamic lighting effects.

In a particular project carried out for Finnish elevator manufacturer Kone at its high rise laboratory in Tytyri, Finland, InSCOPE researchers are to produce samples on 500m-long roll-to-roll hybrid manufactured foils integrating LEDs at non-fixed pitches, sensors and control electronics to demonstrate 100m2 of media surfaces, together with display engine foils with individually controllable RGBW LEDs and video driver. Kone's high rise laboratory is the world's deepest elevator testing facility, with 11 elevator shafts, it can test a travel distance up to 305m.

The Finnish company anticipates that such large area media surfaces will become an integral part of future urban space and living. Developing intelligent wall materials, rather than displays, could enable digital solutions to be part of the spatial experience by forming dynamic interior designs.

The InSCOPE solution for the Kone demonstrator decreased lighting element thickness by a factor of 10, while at the same time lowering cost by 80% compared to current reference solutions. Scrolling information updates can be performed using a Chrome browser application and Bluetooth connection. The smart LED media grid sample implemented in an elevator car performs multiple functions including people guidance, decoration, and advertising.

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