Horticultural LEDs: new kid on the block

October 19, 2017 // By Julien Happich
A group of investors and LED lighting technology experts announced the formation of Hailux Lighting, a LED Technology company focused on the Horticultural Lighting Market.

Based in Warwick, Rohde Island (USA), the company offers innovative LED COB products, one of which is called TunableGROW (TGS-1000 series).

Russell Hall, an early stage investor who will lead Hailux Lighting stated: “We recognized early on that the Horticultural Lighting Market lacks meaningful standards making it difficult for growers to make intelligent choices. Hailux Lighting will focus on excellence in engineering and innovative products with a commitment to provide meaningful data to assist commercial growers to make informed product decisions.”

The factory standard TunableGROW is delivered with a combination of 4x50W Red/Near IR (600-750nm), 2x50W Hailux HPS Spectrum (400-750nm), 2x50W Blue (400-500nm) and 1x10W UV (380-400nm) Chip-on-Board (CoB) LEDs, each being ‘Tunable’ to match the different phases of a plant’s growth cycle.

However, this combination can be readily changed thanks to a modular design permits. Hence, the TGS-1000 series can be ‘factory configured’ to meet the unique requirements of some growers by changing the combination of LEDs and LED drivers. The 4-channel tunable grow light is a drop-in replacement for HPS lights; and produces 1.9 μmoles/s/W. 

The investment team has businesses in Asia and Europe which provide Hailux Lighting with a global footprint from inception.

Hailux Lighting - www.hailuxlighting.com

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