Horizontal light pipes in stock at Foremost Electronics

February 07, 2018 // By Julien Happich
Essex based specialist distributor Foremost Electronics is now offering its UK customers a wide range of light guide/light pipes from the long established German manufacturer MENTOR.

The precision optics precisely manage the light emitted from the latest powerful LEDs. The horizontal PCB-mounted light guides/light pipes are used in applications that call for light to be emitted from a panel that is positioned at right angles to the circuit board. MENTOR offers both classic Ø3mm element versions for the 5.08mm grid and miniaturised Ø2mm versions for the 2.54mm grid, as well as hybrid combinations of the two types. Round, square and rectangular element versions are all available. Despite the close proximity of tiny elements, leading-edge design coupled with precision manufacture ensures that there is no light bleed, even when different colours are adjacent.

Featuring 4-rows as standard, versions between 2 and 10 columns are available, allowing a maximum of 40 elements and PCB mounting is via press-in lugs. Length is 2.8mm as standard but infinite length variations can be supplied up to 15mm

Foremost Electronics - www.4most.co.uk

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