Colour control switches for tuneable lights

May 10, 2017 // By Julien Happich
Legrand's Wattstopper Human Centric Lighting (HCL) line of solutions includes a range of advanced tuneable light engines and accompanying colour control switches for the highest quality tuneable light available in the industry.

The combination of Wattstopper lighting controls and sophisticated tuneable light LED driver technology from Lumenetix delivers advanced lighting systems that are easy to design, install, and control. With new Blanco and Lumenetix araya5 logic modules, Legrand offers fixture manufacturers and lighting professionals utmost flexibility with a range of light engine choices and multiple control options including 0-10V, DMX, and Digital Lighting Management (DLM) in either zone- or fixture-based configurations.

Logic modules include: Blanco 2, a two-channel tuneable white solution that combines precision dimming with tuneable white and is ideal for classrooms and general lighting applications (tuneable range of 3000-5000K); Blanco 3, the wider range three-channel solution adjusts corrected colour temperature (CCT) along the blackbody curve across a wide range of colour temperatures to precisely replicate natural daylight. This makes it suitable for lighting designers seeking to personalize spaces with customizable white light, such as in healthcare and office applications (tuneable range of 2700K – 6500K) and araya5 which mixes five colours for advanced tuneable colour for restaurant, retail, and hospitality applications (1650K-8000K).

Each logic module allows intensity control from 100% lumen output down to 0.1%, as well as lumen and colour maintenance ensuring consistent light output throughout the life of the fixture.

The company is also launching several DLM HCL Lighting Management Switches and interfaces that provide sleek, easy, and intuitive CCT control of fixtures enabled with Blanco and araya5. These switches can be used separately or together for full customization of colour temperature.


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