638nm red laser diode comes with built-in meniscus lens

July 05, 2017 // By Julien Happich
Mitsubishi Electric has developed a high-power 638 nanometer wavelength red laser diode delivering offering an industry-leading 2.5W output under pulse operation with what is believed to be the industry’s first built-in meniscus lens.

To be launched in September, the device (part number ML562H84) eliminates the need for an external collimator lens and simplifies optical designs, reducing the size and BOM of projectors. The original built-in meniscus lens collimates the laser beam and reduces spread to about 1/700 th, it collimates 98 percent or more of the laser beam to enable 2.5W output under pulse operation. Thanks to a large 9.0-mm-diameter transistor-outline can (TO-CAN) package with excellent heat dissipation, the laser operates in the temperature range of 0 to 45ºC at 2.5W pulse operation.

Mitsubishi Electric - www.mitsubishielectric.com


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